One day Vegan detox

During my recent visit to Jindals nature cure, I learnt about fasting on liquids. During the whole day, I got 9 different drinks and I was surprised that I wasn’t hungry. Until then, I wasn’t confident of fasting and found it extremely difficult to fast. I would get a head ache if I fasted and felt weak. This fasting on liquids works as a wonderful detox for the body. After I came back, I tried it on my own and it did go well. Here is what I had for the entire day.

7:00 am. I started my day with half cup almond milk,strawberry and blueberries smoothie as I had to go to gym for my work out.
9:30 After I came back, I had a glass of tender coconut water.
12:00 One bowl of clear lemon coriander soup.
3:00 Almond milk banana avocado smoothie
6:00 Green apple orange basil juice
8 :00 A big bowl of veg soup

I didn’t feel hungry or tired the entire day. On the contrary, I felt more energetic. I even had to go to a party yesterday, and to my surprise I didn’t have any craving.

I felt so wonderful and I am already looking forward to my next week’s detox which is every Monday.

Pl visit for the recipes.

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