Hi. Welcome to Vegan Way.

To know what is vegan/veganism


At Vegan Way, our purpose is to provide a cost effective and simple platform to all vegan vendors to showcase their products. If you are selling any vegan products like clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics, supplements, vegan food ingredients etc then do fill  out become vegan vendor form and our team will be in touch with you shortly.

We also make healthy, dairy free vegan delights like cookies, granola, nut butters, protein bytes, energy balls etc. Our products revolve around three basic pillars.


Our products are freshly made with healthy ingredients and hence are happy.

When someone eats healthy, handmade delights the body and soul both are happy.

Healthy means something which provides nutrition and energy to the body and mind. Products that have whole ingredients, fresh ingredients, no processed ingredients and no artificial additives or colors are healthy. Whole means ingredients that are wholesome like whole oats, whole meal and whole nuts and that are not processed. Even Sharan-https://www.sharan-india.org advises a whole plant based diet.

Handmade is freshly made, on order, every time from scratch. That is why our products do not have any preservatives.

Happiness is what we get in making such delights and hope when you have these vegan delights, you are delighted too.

We are always conscious of the cost and environment. We have tried our best not to use plastic in any of our packaging.

My story:

I turned vegan about 7 years back in 2013 when I read on animal cruelty. I was very much drawn into reading more about vegan nutrition and lifestyle. My journey to veganism started with reading, blogging(facebook.com/veganknowledge). Then I was appointed by happy cow as vegan ambassador of Dubai. www.happycow.net.

Last year I ventured into making almond milk under the brand Mlyky Way. After milk we started making energy bars to use the almond pulp. One product lead to other and today we have cookies, granola, nut butters, energy bars and protein bytes.

This year due to Covid-19 we had time on hand and we thought of taking Mylky Way one step further and turned it into Vegan way.

Vegan way is the lifestyle which is old but has found a new meaning. We have a new logo. The logo is symbol of vegan lifestyle which is here to stay for eternity. Old  style with new meaning and way.

Vegan way is a ready platform for all vegan vendors. Pls see FAQ to know more details about becoming a vendor.

Also see why vegan to see the benefits of becoming vegan.


Happy and healthy living.