Veganway is an online platform in UAE for all vegan vendors. Vegan way is the life style which is growing rapidly. So if you are into providing any vegan clothes/shoes/bags/cosmetics/supplements but don’t want to bother about delivery or branding/marketing then get in touch with us today.
Veganway will take care of delivery
We will do social media marketing on our platform for the registered brands.
Upon registration, our team will contact and get the paper work done and get the vendor live on vegan way. If any order comes, the vendor will be notified of the order and also of the product pick up time. The product will be delivered to customer. We are aiming to have 24 hours turnaround. Vegan way and vendor will share a small percentage to cover all the costs from the sales. This should be maximum 10% of the sales. There is a onetime registration fees of 250 AED to become a registered vendor with us. This is purely towards the cost of developing website page and integrating into our platform.
No there aren’t any other hidden costs.
Since vegan delights( our brand which makes all the vegan cookies/nut butters/granola etc) is based in UAE we plan to cover UAE and other Middle East countries, we are looking at rapidly expanding our customer base and are committed to this market and vegan lifestyle for both short term and long term.
Vegan delights is the new name for Mylky Way products. We have created veganway which is a common platform for all vegan products. Mylky way products are under the same umbrella. There is no change in management or increase in costs. We have vegan cookies, vegan granola, nut butters, vegan mylk, energy bytes, protein bytes etc. We are continuously striving to add products in this category too.
All vegan delights are made in Al Qouz in a central kitchen.
Yes, made fresh from finest ingredients available in the market.
Yes 100 % vegan.
We try to use as many organic ingredients as possible and under the process of getting the organic certificate.
Though we will try a shorter turnaround time, but maximum is 24 hours.
There is a flat fee of 10 AED for orders below 200.
Different products have different shelf life Protein bytes: 1 month in fridge Cookies- ready to eat Butter- 9 month Fresh vegan mylk- 1-2 days Granola- 6 months.